HARDCOVER: Limited Edition


In addition to skillfully laying out a roadmap for change, this book also extends an invitation for each of us to change our lives and become sovereign leaders of self. The reader will walk away with a new understanding of the coaching experience and will see clearly how the generative coaching process can move their organization or business squarely into the 21st century.

Reverend Esther Jones-Alley, ICF Professional Certified Coach

This book emerged in late 2020, when for the first time in written history, the entire globe shared space on the suffering spectrum: from ‘inconvenient’ to ‘life altering’, exposing ourselves to ourselves.  Janet pulls no punches in inviting us to face into our cultural challenges. It’s going to take courage, honesty and vulnerability.  Are we willing? Each individual response matters."

Patricia Marum, CCS, CHIC, PCC, MPA

“This book offers a masterful and practical journey to joyful collab-oration and contribution. The pull of “sovereignty” - to be master of my destiny - is clear and compelling.

Thank you, Janet, for your contribution to my life and to our world.”

Morel Fourman, CEO, Gaiasoft International; President, International Coach Federation Foundation

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